Great Blog: Social Media Today

When people take time to post a comment on this blog, I always take the time to read about their work. Recently, Tom Mandel posted a comment on "Is Foucault a Complexity Scientist?"

One of the blogs on his site is Social Media Today. This is a great site because it is part of the latest trends in internet life. But, it is also an observer of these trends. In short, it is part of the latest movement known as e-science.

As much as I enjoy the web, I find myself in that endless double-bind of participant and researcher. I am fascinated with the web, and yet my researcher side is always asking: What is going on here? Why am I participating in all this? What is this all about? But, no sooner do I ask such questions when I make another click and go: Wow, this is really cool and I've got to tell someone about this new technology or social network, or blog, etc, etc, etc, ugh!

It is because of my double-bind that I really like the blog, Social Media Today. It is a participant in and researcher of the latest trends in information and the forthcoming Web 2.0. Very good stuff for those complexity scientists and sociologists interested in life on the web and where things are going.

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