Dad/Son Inside/Outside Summer/Winter

Here is another assemblage photomontage. The photos are by my nephew, Kevin Rusnak, and by me.


21st Century Dinner Party—Cathy’s House

The following photo is part of my new series of work.
In what follows, I provide a series of powerpoint slides that explain what is going on in this photo. Just click on the slide to enlarge and read it.

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Cesar Hidalgo: Complexity Art and Science

If you spend any time regularly visiting Barabasi's website, you have seen the incredible work he has done with Cesar Hidalgo--as the above picture shows.

Cesar Hidalgo is a Research Fellow at Harvard University's Center for International Development. His doctoral work is in physics at Notre Dame, where Barabasi worked before moving to Northeastern University.

In terms of research, Hidalgo has done some absolutely incredible stuff, applying the new science of networks to the study of global economy and (working with colleagues, particularly, Gonzalez) mobility within networks.

In terms of global economy, you need to see the supporting website for his work with Barabasi and colleague on the product spaces of various nation-states. CLICK HERE

In terms of his work with Barabasi and Gonzalez on mobility patterns within networks, CLICK HERE.

What I also find fascinating about Hidalgo's work is that he approaches networks as objects of art--something I obviously take rather seriously, as my recent posts have shown. To see some of Hidalgo's network art, CLICK HERE.

Much is made of the C.P. Snow's two cultures--art and science. However, if you spend any time looking at the networks created by Barabasi, Hidalgo and colleagues, it is clear that the boundaries between art and science need not be so rigid. Looking at their networks is an act of both science and art. They are both intellectually incredible and artistically brilliant!