Great Blog: Complexes

I have been following another excellent blog: COMPLEXES.

Complexes is run by Carlos Gershenson, who is a bit of an iconoclast. He has very broad interests in complexity, computer engineering, artificial life, and complexity-based art. He is also the book review editor for Artificial Life and the editor-in-chief of Complexity Digest--the leading compendium of all things complexity on the web.

(As a side note, if you do not have Complexity Digest bookmarked, please do so now. Also, Gottfried Mayer, the founding editor of Complexity Digest and leading systems/complexity scientist, passed away last month.)

Complexes is a fantastic blog because of the range of topics it addresses; and because Gershenson writes in a fresh way, with an insider's insights into various concepts, tools and techniques.

Also, check out his art.

I highly recommend the blog!

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