Complexity Art at the SF MOMA

Over the past year I have been making an argument for the emergence of a movement i call, for the lack of a better term, complexity art.  This movement is not a singularity and the artists working in or near or along side its central ideas are by no means confined to it.  Nonetheless, the term, for me, points to something taking place in the current globalized art world.

Having said that, I recently wrote a brief description for one of the artists (Damon Soule) that i see involved in this work, who recently had a book signing at the San Francisco MOMA.  The reviewer of their work kindly mentioned my notion of complexity art.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE


SACS Toolkit and Baltimore County School System

My brother and I are at the International Sociological Association, presenting our paper on the SACS Toolkit and its application to the study of Baltimore County Public Schools as a complex system. The conference is in Goteborg, Sweden with the RC51 (Sociocybernetics) gang. If you want a copy of our paper, go to my Center for Complexity in Health Website. It will be uploaded by Thursday, the 15th.