Complexity 1001

Starting today, I will be featuring a new segment on this blog, called Complexity 1001. Like the name sounds, Complexity 1001 will provide an undergraduate (college) level introduction to complexity science and, related, the intersection of complexity science with the social sciences, specifically sociology.

I have asked a few friends who are new to complexity science (a couple profs and a couple students) to post any questions, concerns, or issues they have as they learn about and apply the tools of complexity science.

I also welcome anyone else to post questions they would like answered. You can email me at factory.as@gmail.com or you can post a question in any of the recent Complexity 1001 postings.

Any time I respond to a post, the heading of my post will always be Complexity 1001. This way you can find older postings as the months go by.

Finally, make sure you sign up for a posting feed or all comments feed so you get Complexity 1001 sent directly to your email or whatever place you daily go to see what's happening on the web!

So, let the online course and the postings begin.

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