The Atlas of Social Complexity @ FRCCS 2024 The French Regional Conference on Complex Systems.

I am excited to give a talk at the FRCCS 2024 (French Regional Conference on Complex Systems) in Montpellier, France.

I presented on my new book with Lasse Gerrits, the Atlas of Social Complexity.

The Atlas of Social Complexity charts the future of the field, focusing on the avenues of research with the greatest promise for advancing social complexity as a truly disruptive, transdisciplinary science. Together, these advances, organised around six transdisciplinary themes, constitute the social science turn in complexity. The first theme sets the agenda for the tour, exploring the thirteen challenges presently facing the field – from overvaluing computational modelling to ignoring social science – and the social complexity imagination necessary to address them. The tour then takes off, surveying twenty-four research areas – from immune system cognition to network theories of psychopathology to resilience and configurational social science to complex realism – thematically organised around: cognition, emotion and consciousness; the dynamics of human psychology; living in social systems; advancing a new methods agenda; and the creative value of unfinished spaces. The tour ends encouraging readers to use the Atlas maps to chart their own travels into new territory.



I am also happy to report that our map of the complexity sciences was highlighted at the conference as an example of visualising the work in the complexity sciences.



1. Here is a link to the book at Edward Elgar

2. Here is a link to a summary of our presentation -- the extended abstract

3. Here is a link to our map of the complexity sciences





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