Q-Step Methods Presentation on Complexity at Cardiff University

I have posted the following information in support of my 27 November 2018 presentation on complexity methods for the Q-Step Centre, Cardiff University.

Much thanks to Professor Malcolm Williams for the opportunity to present.
As my colleagues and I have argued extensively
over the past decade, in response to the empirical crisis of the social sciences, scholars need to follow the growing trend amongst scholars and make the 'complexity turn,' as described by John Urry.  This has to happen, in particular, in terms of methods, as current methods, while powerful, are not sufficient, particularly in the face of big data and the global social problems we, as a global civil society, presently face.

Hence the purpose of the current presentation.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF of my powerpoint presentation.

CLICK HERE for a map of the complexity sciences and computational methods.

CLICK HERE to download a beta version of our computational modelling software App, called, appropritately enough, COMPLEX-IT

CLICK HERE for the Welsh Deprivation Index, which provided the data for my presentation.

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