Joined the Sociology Department Durham University, UK

For those who may not have noticed from Twitter and others postings, I switched academic locations over the summer, and I am happy to say I am now in the Sociology Department at Durham University, UK

Living in the UK and Europe has been a dream of mine and my wife's since our undergraduate days. And so we are very fortunate to be here, as it is a rare and exciting chance to live abroad.  Plus I am now closer to the majority of my colleagues and friends, which makes traveling to see them a lot easier!  LOL!

Relative to this blog, I am also very much interested in how full-time life abroad will influence my work on globalisation and complexity and health, both in terms of my evolving substantive focus and, in turn, my theoretical and methodological concerns.

Case in point.  I am now working on the follow-up to my book, The Defiance of Global Commitment: A Complex Social Psychology -- which recently received an excellent endorsement from Sylvia Walby, who has been a major influence on my work and has done some of the most cutting-edge work in the field on intersecting inequality, gender, globalisation and complexity theory.  So, much thanks! 

The follow-up book, which I am hoping to complete by summer 2019, is called Is the World a Better Place?  In the meantime, I am enjoying working with my new colleagues in developing the health research theme in the Sociology Department at Durham and with regional universities and organisations such as FUSE (The Centre for Translational Research in Public Health) and the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing; and, wider, the UK, particularly CECAN (Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus).

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