Tomas Saraceno Complexity Art and Networks

In 2010 my family and i were on tour (our term for vacationing) in Scandinavia, en route to Gothenburg, Sweden for the International Sociological Association Meetings.  During our stay in Copenhagen I came across the work of Tom├ís Saraceno--internationally recognized architect and artist.

Saraceno's work melted my mind.  He presented a possible future, grounded in a global complexity and ecology, exploring the usage of networks in three-dimensional form; along with other various organic-geometrical forms.

Recently, again, I saw his work, now in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where my brother Warren lives.  WOW!  I will definitely have to blog more on Saraceno's work and how it connects with the complexity art movement I have been blogging about.  But, for now, I just wanted to get a post published on this guy.

Here are a few links to some of his work:



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