Health & Place: An International Journal

While the community-as-complex-system model is relatively new, it already has a major journal outlet, called Health & Place: An International Journal.

Edited by Graham Moon, University of Southampton, School of Geography, Highfield, Southampton, the journal is dedicated to the study of all aspects of health and health care in which place or location matters.

As stated on its website, "Recent years have seen closer links evolving between medical geography, medical sociology, health policy, public health and epidemiology. The journal reflects these convergences, which emphasise differences in health and health care between places, the experience of health and care in specific places, the development of health care for places, and the methodologies and theories underpinning the study of these issues.

The journal brings together international contributors from geography, sociology, social policy and public health. It offers readers comparative perspectives on the difference that place makes to the incidence of ill-health, the structuring of health-related behaviour, the provision and use of health services, and the development of health policy.

At a time when health matters are the subject of ever-increasing attention, Health & Place provides accessible and readable papers summarizing developments and reporting the latest research findings."

It is important to note that the journal is a combination of both the community-as-context model and the community-as-complex-system model. So, it is important to identify the model being used in a particular paper. Overall, it is an excellent resource for the lastest developments in the field.

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