Complexity Science & Community Health--Univ of Michigan Style

As I have discussed in previous posts, my two main substative foci are medical professionalism and community health--both from a complexity science perspective.

Over the next week I will be posting on the topic of community health, from a complexity science perspective, highlighting key ideas, scholars, periodicals, books, videos, and institutes.

I will begin with one of the leading institutes involved in the study of community health from a complexity science perspective, the Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health (CSEPH), at the University of Michigan.

Working in conjunction with the world-renowned Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the Univ of Michigan, the CSEPH sits at the forefront of a complexity science approach to community health.

In 2007, the CSEPH held a symposium on complexity and community health. Here is an excellent video introducing the CSEPH symposium, housed at the National Institutes of Health, titled Symposium on a Complex Systems Approach to Population Health.


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