New map of complexity science

I just put together a new internet-based map of the field of complexity science, including all its major areas of study, leading scholars and intellectual lineage. It is an excellent resource for learning about complexity. In fact, I will make use of this map throughout my postings. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE MAP


  1. Wow - I love it. I demand more interaction between network science and agent-based modeling!

    Note: the wiki page image should be updated (nural -> neural)

  2. Thanks for catching the spelling mistake. I will fix it immediately.

    I also agree about more interaction between network science and agent-based modeling. I am not sure what has kept the distance between the two. Nevertheless, a couple of good articles are at JASSS (journal of artificial societies and social simulation)

    1)Nigel Gilbert, Andreas Pyka and Petra Ahrweiler (2001)

    2) Gero Schwenk and Torsten Reimer (2008): http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/11/3/4.html


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