The Complexity Blog: By Graduate Students for Graduate Students

I have been following an excellent complexity science blog for the past couple of weeks. It is called COMPLEXITY BLOG and it is run by two graduate students at the University of Michigan, who are affiliated with the university's international and renown Center for the Study of Complex Systems.

The two students are Kenneth Zick and Aaron Bramson--although the majority of recent posts are all by Bramson.

What is excellent about the site (even for undergraduates) is its cross-disciplinary viewpoint and breadth! For example, in addition to the blog, they provide a host of additional resources, which includes just about everything a student needs--from maps of the schools with complexity science programs to an excellent glossary to a good overview of all the major centers in complexity. I looked over their stuff and it is authoritative. You will not be led in the wrong direction.

I strongly recommend including this blog in your favorites! I put it in mine.

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