COMPLEX-IT for rethinking the boundaries of methods in health and social science research (MethodsCon University of Manchester)


I would like to thank Mark Elliot, Claire Spencer and the MethodsCon team and the National Centre for Research Methods for the opportunity to run my session on COMPLEX-IT: A Case-Based Modelling and Scenario Simulation Platform for Health Research.



Attendees will learn how to use COMPLEX-IT, which is a free online R-Studio suite of computational social science techniques for classification, scenario simulation, and prediction. COMPLEX-IT was created for users who are non-experts in these techniques, including cluster analysis, topographical neural nets, agent-based modelling, micro-simulation, data visualisation, and prediction/forecasting methods. Using a small public health dataset, this session will introduce attendees to COMPLEX-IT (and its online resources and tutorials) sufficient for them to leave the session able to use this method on their own.


CLICK HERE for the PowerPoint of the presentation.


CLICK HERE to explore COMPLEX-IT and its software, tutorials, etc.


CLICK HERE for a published article on COMPLEX-IT 


CLICK HERE for Big Data Mining and Complexity


CLICK HERE for the Sage Handbook of Case-Based Methods

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