BOOK: Defiance of Global Commitment -- Updated Maps and Figures

I have had several requests over the past few months for high resolution versions of the maps and figures in my recent book, The Defiance of Global Commitment: A Complex Social Psychology. As such, I am providing them here, for download. If you use the figures or maps, please cite them as follows: Castellani, B. (2018). The Defiance of Global Commitment: A Complex Social Psychology. Routledge.

The Brexit vote; the election of Trump; the upsurge of European nationalism; the devolution of the Arab Spring; global violence; Chinese expansionism; disruptive climate change; the riotous instabilities of the world capitalist system…While diverse in nature, these events share a common denominator: they are less a failure of policy, and more a complex mass psychological reaction to globalization, the result of which presently threatens our survival on Earth.

Based on a critical reading of Freud’s Civilization and its discontents, The defiance of global commitment constructs a complex social psychology of how people all over the world are addressing globalization. Drawing on the latest advances in the cognitive, social, and complexity sciences, this timely volume presents a global model of defiance and the triangular tensions between nostalgic retreat, global aggression, and civil society, as manifested in forms ranging from nostalgic resentment and LGBTQI issues to racism and ecological aggression.

Revealing how globalization and its discontents manifest the darker reaches of the human psyche and its conflicted relations with others, as well as our more pro-social behaviours, this insightful monograph will appeal to a general audience, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers interested in fields such as globalization studies, climate change psychology, the political psychology, complexity sciences and social psychology.


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