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Seeking silicon valley September 12th - December 8th
(Image copied from the website http://www.zero1biennial.org/)

I am constantly searching the web lately to find people working at the intersection of art and science and technology, particularly art and cyber-infrastructure and computational modeling.  

I ran across this biennial called SEEKING SILICON VALLEY, THE 2012 ZERO1 BIENNIAL
September 12 – December 8, 2012; Opening weekend: September 12-16, 2012

Here is what they state on their website:

"The ZERO1 Biennial will feature work by a diverse group of nearly one hundred local, national, and international contemporary artists. The artists featured in the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial will challenge our notions of place and identity as they investigate the role Silicon Valley has played in changing the ways we work, live, and communicate globally."

It is not exactly complexity science or complexity art, but there are a number of artists at the show that seems to be indirectly or directly working at the intersection of computational science and complexity and art and design.

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