A question I have been thinking a lot about lately, given the upcoming sociocybernetics conference in Urbino Italy, is: what is the link between e-science, web science and complexity science? There seems to be tremendous overlap. Scholars like Barry Wellman and Barabasi do web science, but are complexity scholars. Manuel Castells is a sociologists who studies global network society, but a major part of his work is web science. And, all of the tools of complexity science are e-science, computational thinking tools. this seems to be a worthy paper or at least blog discussion. Any ideas?


  1. I think there is some difference between complexity, e-science and web science. complexity science is specifically interested in systems--web science and e-science do not have to be systems oriented. but, a systems perspective can cross all three topics.

  2. i do not entirely agree with the above comment. i think web science is a substantive topic--the web. e-science is about enhancing scientific inquiry of digital information or using digital and computational methods to enhance science. complexity science is topic driven--understanding complex systems. these three areas intersect but they are different


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